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As LS-DYNA is widely used and recognized in the field of engineering analysis, Shanghai Fangkun is increasing software training to further help LS-DYNA users understand and use the program.

Details of the 2020 LS-DYNA public training courses plan are shown in Table below. Some of the courses will be conducted by foreign experts and scholars, and the specific time is subject to further notice.

Date Topic Duration Instructor
13rd, Jan Introduction to MPDB Barrier 2 hours Zhidan Yuan
Mar.-Apr. Introduction to ALE analysis 4 hours Qiang Wang
18th, Mar.  LS-DYNA submodel introduction and application 2 hours Yong Li
Mar.-Apr. Implicit analysis 4 hours Yongzhao Zhang
Apr.-May ICFD analysis 6 hours Zhidan Yuan
15-16th, Apr.  LS-DYNA composite material model 8 hours Dr. Al Tabiei
22nd, Apr. Introduction to LS-DYNA DEM 2 hours Qiang Wang
29, Apr. Bus performance simulation using LS-DYNA 2 hours Yong Li
6th, May LS-DYNA application in constranit system 2 hours Yongzhao Zhang
20th, May S-ALE analysis in LS-DYNA 2 hours Dr. Hao Chen
28-29th, May LS-DYNA Basic Training 2 days Zhidan Yuan,Yong Li
Jun. Introduction to Q series dummies
4-8 hours -
Jun. / July Introduction to LS-PrePost 4-8 hours -
Jun. / July Introduction to LS-OPT 4-8 hours -
Aug. LS-DYNA NVH analysis 4 hours -
Sep. LS-DYNA SPG analysis 4 hours -
Sep. Crashworthiness and impact Engineering with LS-DYNA
 2 days -
Oct. Introduction to LST Dummy & Barrier 2 hours -
Nov. Introduction to EM in LS-DYNA 2 hours -
Dec. LS-DYNA user-defined development 4 hours -