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CELLBOND and PHITEC have signed a partnership agreement for the development of virtual models of the Q-Dummies family

Shanghai Fangkun is domestic exclusive distributor of CELLBOND-PHITEC Q-Dummies family

·The Q6 and Q10 (Euro-NCAP and Euro-NCAP 2020) dummy models are already available
·The Q3 dummy model is under development and will be available on Q1 2020

Q6 and Q10 models:

Model meshing details
Abdomen with APTS
·The FE dummy models include all geometrical details. All the sensors are modeled as solid volumes  

·S-Track uses a kinematic mechanism to measure chest deflection.

 The model has a correct representation of mass and inertia 

The APTS sensors integration is under development and validation for C-NACP 2021

Dummy Component Tests
The FE Model components have been validated with correlation tests at different impact speeds 

Physical test vs FE Model

Software versions
The Q-dummies models are available for LS-Dyna and ABAQUS solvers. The versions for Pam-Crash and RADIOSS solvers will be available upon request

Easy dummy positioning
To make the dummy installation process as easy as possible, Phitec is working at establishing collaboration relationships with pre-processing tools editors such as Oasys for Primer, Beta CAE for Ansa and GNS for Generator 4

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