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LS-DYNA China Presented at 2018 National Conference on Solid Mechanics

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        The 2018 National Conference on Solid Mechanics was held in Harbin from November 23 to 25, 2018, which brought together more than 2000 experts, scholars and graduate students from over 120 colleges and universities in China. LS-DYNA China, as the only CAE software provider among the exhibitors, grabbed the attention of extensive exhibition professionals.

        LS-DYNA has been widely used in China. At the site, customers have visited our booth to learn about the latest developments in software, especially in its breakthrough in the field of multi-physics in recent years, particularly in the implicit analysis, SALE fluid structureinteraction, EFG meshfree method, ICFD (incompressible fluid and fluid structureinteraction) analysis, CESE high-speed compressible fluid simulation, and Peri-Dynamic algorithms.

        Many users are very interested in the training plan for the next year and the annual conference of LS-DYNA which will be held in October 2019. The related information will be announced recently. LS-DYNA users are welcomed to various activities organized by Shanghai Fangkun (LS-DYNA China).


About LS-DYNA China

LS-DYNA China, as the master distributor in China authorized by LSTC, is fully responsible for the sales, marketing, technical support and engineering consulting services of LS-DYNA in China. Relying on strong technical support and product development capability of LSTC, by attracting a group of top LS-DYNA application engineers to join, with integrating and managing a wide range of resources such as LS-DYNA distributors and partners in China, LS-DYNA China provides strong technical support services for Chinese LS-DYNA users, and facilitates customers to use LS-DYNA software for product design and development more efficiently.

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