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Seminar on LS-DYNA and Its Application in the Field of Aerospace

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Dear LS-DYNA Users,

       LS-DYNA, developed by LSTC, has been the leader software in explicit dynamics programs. In recent years, LS-DYNA has made rapid progress and development in implicit analysis, SALE fluid-structure interaction analysis, DEM (discrete element method), NVH analysis, SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) method, EFG meshfree method, ICFD (incompressible fluid and fluid-structure interaction) analysis, CESE high-speed compressible fluid simulation and Peri-Dynamic algorithmsand other fields.  

       LS-DYNA has been widely used and recognized in the field of engineering simulation in China. In order to further help users to use LY-DYNA better, LS-DYNA China will continue to intensify the presentation of new features and technologies regarding the LS-DYNA software, supporting users in China to make scientific research innovation based on LS-DYNA.

       The field of aerospace includes bird strike, bird strike of turbo-fan engine, FBO and force transfer, airplane ditching, crash, seat ejection, parachute, etc.

Exosphere hypersonic flight of space shuttle

Airplane ditching

 ·Solid Rocket Engine Drop
 ·Liquid Rocket Engine Sloshing
 ·Parachute Deploy
 ·Return Cabin Water Landing
 ·Separation Nuts and Protection

LSDYNA’s application is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

·Bird Strike

·Blade Containment

·Foreign Object Damage

·Aircraft Crashworthiness

·Impact, Explode & Dynamic Load

·Penetration and Damage

·Rocket Separation Simulation

·Debris Impact

·Star Explore, Flight Attitude Control

·Special Composite Design

·Aero-Space Vehicle Parts Manufacture

·Explosive Colt

·Return Cabin Landing and Parachute

·Underwater Sub-launched

·Sea-launched Rocket

Bullet at a speed of 1400m/s through steel plate

Parachute Deploy

Date: 21st March, 2019

Venue: No. 2 Meeting Room, 3rd Floor, International Exchange Center, Beijing Institute of Technology

Address: No. 5 South Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing

Contact: Elva Yu   Tel: 15001986675

        Xixi Fei    Tel: 13482272672

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