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“LS-DYNA New Features and Technologies”in Beijing

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        LS-DYNA, developed by LSTC, has been the leader software in explicit dynamics programs. In recent years, LS-DYNA has made rapid progress and development in implicit analysis, SALE fluid-structure interaction analysis, DEM (discrete element method), NVH analysis, SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) method, EFG meshfree method, ICFD (incompressible fluid and fluid-structure interaction) analysis, CESE high-speed compressible fluid simulation and Peri-Dynamic algorithmsand other fields.

Electromagnetic forming of metal plate under cone mould

Exosphere hypersonic flight of space shuttle

        LS-DYNA has been widely used and recognized in the field of engineering simulation in China. In order to further help universities and scientific research users to use LY-DYNA better, LS-DYNA China will continue to intensify the presentation of new features and technologies regarding the LS-DYNA software, supporting the universities and institutions in China to make scientific research innovation based on LS-DYNA.

Stress analysis under bolt preload

Airplane Ditching


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Introduction of LSTC and LS-DYNA

Technical Engineer of LS-DYNA China


LS-DYNA New Features and Technologies

Technical Engineer of LS-DYNA China

Introduction of SALE/Implicit/SPG Meshfree Method/ICFD/CESE/EM

Q & A

Technical Engineer of LS-DYNA China

Date: 21st March, 2019

Venue: No. 2 Meeting Room, 3rd Floor, International Exchange Center, Beijing Institute of Technology

Address: No. 5 South Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing 

Cost: Free Admission

Contact: Elva Yu   Tel: 15001986675

         Xixi Fei    Tel: 13482272672  (021)61261195

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