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2019 LS-DYNA PublicTraining Courses Plan

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To all relevant enterprises and institutions:

        LS-DYNA, developed by Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC), has been the leader in explicit dynamics programs. In recent years, LS-DYNA has made rapid progress and development in implicit analysis, SALE fluid-structure interaction analysis, DEM (discrete element method), NVH analysis, SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) method, EFG meshfree method, ICFD (incompressible fluid and fluid-structure interaction)analysis, CESE high-speed compressible fluid simulation and Peri-Dynamic algorithms.
        As LS-DYNA is widely used and recognized in the field of engineering analysisin China, LS-DYNA China is increasingsoftware trainingto further help LS-DYNA users understand and use the program.
        Details of the 2019 LS-DYNA public training courses plan are shown in Table I below. Some of the courseswill be conducted by foreign experts and scholars, and the specific time is subject to further notice. The 2019 4th China LS-DYNA Conference will be held in Shanghai in October 2019. Chinese and foreign experts will hold several public training coursesaround the annual conference, aslisted in Table II below. All users are welcome to participate in these training courses.

Table I 2019 LS-DYNA Public Training Courses Plan

Table II Training Courses following the 2019 Fourth China LS-DYNA Conference

For further training course information, please follow any news and notices published by LS-DYNA China. If you have any questions, please contact the following contact persons:

1) Contact person:

Yu Qin Tel.: 15001986675
    Fei Xixi Tel.: 13777946225
    Tel.: (021) 61261195
    2) To ensure training quality, the number of trainees for each course shall not exceed 30. The training course will be arranged based on the receipt of training fees.
    3) Training course time: Please refer to the training notice for details.
    4) Training place: Please refer to the training notice for details. 


About LS-DYNA China

LS-DYNA China, as the master distributor in China authorized by LSTC, is fully responsible for the sales, marketing, technical support and engineering consulting services of LS-DYNA in China. Relying on strong technical support and product development capability of LSTC, by attracting a group of top LS-DYNA application engineers to join, with integrating and managing a wide range of resources such as LS-DYNA distributors and partners in China, LS-DYNA China provides strong technical support services for Chinese LS-DYNA users, and facilitates customers to use LS-DYNA software for product design and development more efficiently.

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