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LS-DYNA Related Website Information

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        Details of LSDYNA"s technical literatures, FAQs, getting started guide, tutorials, models, cases, manuals, etc could be found as below.

Website of developer LSTC.
Website of general information and various analog animation database.
Website of LS-DYNA"s official support which provides tutorials, FAQs, release notes and manuals.
Website of LS-OPT"s official support which provides latest information, getting started guide, FAQs and cases.
This website contains more than 950 international technical papers and Europe conference papers in the past decade.
In this website you can download different training courses and cases of LSDYNA.
fIn this website you can find benchmark results based on different hardware platforms which could be evaluated and compared.
Comments and details information on LSDYNA"s function.
This website was maintained by NCAC which provides various FEMs of vehicles and traffic guardrails.
This website provides details of dummy models and verification. Besides, users could join users group as below: /

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