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Successful Conclusion of The 4th LS-DYNA China Users’ Conference

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On Oct. 21-23, the 4th LS-DYNA China users’ conference was successfully held in Shanghai by LSTC and Shanghai Fangkun Software Technology Ltd. There were one main session and five technology and application sessions. About 450 CAE simulation technology researchers, scholars, engineers and LSTC developers who came from various application fields of 8 countries and regions such as vehicle OEMs, components factories, aerospace and electronics industries, machinery, shipbuilding, structural and universities and research institutions participated in the event.

In the morning on 22nd Oct., Dr. Isheng Yeh gave an opening speech on behalf of John O. Hallquist, Ph.D., Member of National Academy of Engineering, founder and president of LSTC, and bring us greeting video from Dr. John O. Hallquist.

Prof. Wing Kam Liu from Northwestern University, Dr. Zhenliang Lou from SV Dept. SMTC, Dr. Shoufeng Hu from Chinese Aeronautical Establishment, Shanghai Branch, Dr.Cao Zhenglin from China FAW R&D Center CAE Research Institute, Dr. Ping Xin from Japan Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers, Dr. Changping Yi from Swebrec presented the lecture on main session.

Through two days’ event on the Technology and Application Session, more than 80 lecturers shared the advance experience, knowledge, and the new features and various applications in different industries of LS-DYNA.

Shanghai Fangkun hold a welcome banquet on 22nd evening to thank all attendees. In the traditional Chinese instruments folk music, attendees enjoy a feast of magic show and sand painting show. Meanwhile, best paper winners received the certificate and prize issued by LSTC experts.

The 4th LS-DYNA China users’ conference was a great success for it provides a platform for LS-DYNA customers, developers, and researchers and experts from all fields of applications. Shanghai Fangkun will keep mission firmly in mind, devote to improving user satisfaction of LS-DYNA and providing high-quality technical support and engineering consulting services for users.

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