LS-PrePost specializes in importing, editing, and exporting LS-DYNA models, based on keyword input fi les. Version 3.0 features a redesigned graphical user interface that maximizes the graphics area by intuitively grouping program functions into icon-based toolbars.

LS-PrePost supports the latest OpenGL standards to provide fast rendering for fringe plots and animation results. The software is under constant development to keep pace with enhancements to LS-DYNA and, since no license file is required, LS-PrePost can be easily installed on any machine running Windows or Linux.

General Features

 Comprehensive support for LS-DYNA input and output fi les

 Image output formats: PNG, TIFF, JPG, BMP, PCX, PS, PSIMAGE, GIF, VRML2

 Movie output formats: MPEG, AVI, animated GIF

 Command line interface

Pre-Processing Features

▀ Other FE input formats

▀ CAD input formats: IGES, STEP

▀ CAD geometry data creation and manipulation, including cleaning, healing and simplification

▀ Mesh generation

▀ Mesh manipulation, creation, and modification

▀ LS-DYNA entity (keyword) creation: coordinate systems, sets, parts, masses, CNRBs, boxes, spot welds, SPC‘s, rigidwalls, rivets, initial velocity, accelerometers, cross sections

Special Applications

 Airbag folding

 Dummy positioning

 Seatbelt fitting

 Metal forming

 Roller hemming

 Model checking

Post-Processing Features

 3D animation

 Time history plots

 XY plots

 Contour plots

 Overlay plots

 Vector plots

 Fringe plots

 Particle visualization

 Fluid visualization

▀ DYNAIN fi le generation

▀ Section analysis